1962 paper tiger 1-19 dots of doors

-political refugee-

Refugee from your "one world" kill "one earth" party.

FINAL 8 COUNTDOWN1WEDNESDAY9 2/10 2THURSDAY10 2/113FRIDAY114SATURDAY125SUNDAY136MONDAY147TUESDAY15 must-ang-el-camino use them dan/damn doors to plead my case.


 2/11 2thursday10 day late, doll hair short, blue blood 2caster10 5renter13 cast NOT your 2pearls10 before the 5swine13 (sevenbloodbeingssonsofgod)


pearls/wisdom pearl harbor, 12/7/1941-41-12/7/1982 9.18.12 (one) 9.18.13 love story 5-1 1xiahua 2hongwei 3jing 4xue 5cuiping 67door at 6231 west war d Houston texas 77081 funny? hit on 3jing 5.13.13 funny?